Stepken Shop has been providing couples with compassionate support on their journey to parenthood for over 9 years. We have gained valuable insight and knowledge about the unique needs of couples trying to conceive, as well as the ups and downs that they may face. Allow Stepken Shop to assist you during this miraculous time in your life.

It is essential to build up caring relationships.

Stepken Shop has built trusting relationships with thousands of couples who have struggled to conceive.

Begin your pregnancy and parenthood journey with us.

Our goal at Stepken Shop and on our website,, is to build caring relationships that will help guide you on your journey to parenthood. We have a full line of specialty products to make your life easier. Stepken Shop promises to make this special time in your life easier by combining compassionate care and professional knowledge.

Every Stage of Motherhood Is Important

Our products are designed to meet your needs during the stages of conception, pregnancy, and motherhood.

Our website,, is dedicated to providing you with products that will assist you in conceiving sooner and feeling healthier and more comfortable from preconception to pregnancy.

  1. Authorized Distributor of Preseed and Fairhaven Health Products in Hong Kong, China, and Macau
  2. Authorized Dealer of David Ovulation and Pregnancy Products in Hong Kong
  3. Authorized Conceive Plus Dealer in Hong Kong

  1. Authorized Wonderlife Retailer

5.「No Fakes Pledge」Mark

Stepken Shop joined the “No Fakes Pledge” Scheme of the HKSAR government’s “Intellectual Property Department” in 2018. The Intellectual Property Department has launched the “No Fakes Pledge” Scheme in order to boost consumer confidence in Hong Kong. We will set a good example by refusing to sell or distribute counterfeit or pirated goods, thereby establishing and maintaining honest and trustworthy trading practices.